Colour Rush Your Wardrobe!!

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Colour Rush Your Wardrobe!!

24th March 2017 / Autumn/Spring Transition Outfits,Seasonal Trends

OK – “colour rushing” your wardrobe as I did here on a recent charity run is not quite what I have in mind but you get the gist!!

More colour on the high street is a sign we’re heading into Spring as the deeper neutrals of winter are taken over by brighter and fresher colours. Yayhay!! – wearing beautiful colours never fails to lift my mood and coupled with a gorgeous spring morning – well there’s just no stopping me!! Jo Smallbones

I’m far more confident wearing colour than I ever was when I was younger. Since having my colours analysed I’ve replaced “safe” black and all shades of grey with warm bright colours such as yellow, aquamarine, green, coral, red and orange. Colours I wouldn’t have dared to wear previously and colours I now find are great mood enhancers because I’m confident they look fab on me.

I’ve worn lime green with yellow in this outfit which is one of my favourites for the Spring. The weather may look dreary but I had no plans to be dull when I wore this outfit for a talk last week! It gave me the energy and confidence to joke, laugh, inspire and just be “me” in front of an audience of around 25 very stylish ladies!! Oh wow – we had some fun!!

Everyone has their own individual colour pattern which includes colours that make our eye colour “pop” and reduce lines and dark circles making our skin look healthier and less tired. In my experience many ladies already know a few colours that make their eyes pop and these are usually the ones that are closest to their eye colour. But imagine having a whole array of beautiful colours to wear and you know for sure are perfect for you. No more guessing or making do with “that’ll do” items!! Every item in your wardrobe should bring you joy and colour is a great place to start!!

A colour analysis includes a personalised swatch you can use as a guide to your perfect colours. This makes shopping sooooo much easier. It also helps you to understand why certain hues and tones work best for your colouring and how you can coordinate them. For example, I always knew green made my green eyes sparkle, what I didn’t know was how a cool green could also throw a blueish hue over my warm complexion giving me dark circles and five o’clock shadow!! So I discovered it wasn’t quite as simple as wearing any green! I’m pleased that Pantones colour of the year is “Greenery” which is a yellowy green that suits my colouring perfectly – I’ll be looking out for some timeless pieces in this colour.

Pantone colours

The right colours will also help hair to look shinier and healthier. If you’re like me and prefer to colour the grey then knowing your colour pattern is crucial to choosing the right tones for your hair colour. The results we are aiming for is hair, clothes and cosmetics all harmonising with our natural colouring thus helping us to look healthy and 10 years younger – now that’s got to be a great skill to have?

I’m overdue a hair colour and I’m booked in with my stylist, Mandy, next week to have warm golden caramel and blonde tones put back in. When my grey parting starts to show then I’m not able to wear such warm and bright colours because “MY” grey tone looks better with softer hues. However, this is not always the case, some ladies who choose to go “au naturel” grey can often find that their shade of grey works well with bright colours! We’re all so individual there’s no one size fits all which why a personalised swatch of colours makes life so much easier.

One of the ways I introduce new colours to my clients is that I encourage them to wear the new colour in a plain scarf. I’ve got to admit I was a little taken back at the brightness of the lime green scarf I’m wearing with my lemon top in the above photo. When I first opened it I wasn’t sure. But as soon as I put it on and I saw how my eyes sparkled and my skin looked fresh I could see that despite the fact I didn’t like the colour, it liked me – so a match was made!!

NeckerchiefOne of the key trends this season and one everyone can wear is the neckerchief!! Now this may conjure up images of air stewardess uniforms, but the best way to avoid this look is to dress it down. Team a neckerchief with plain simply cut casuals, such as a v-neck sweater and jeans.

Today I’m wearing my lemon, periwinkle and lime neckerchief with my navy v-neck jumper and jeans – simples!!! I’ve worn this neckerchief styling alot recently as an alternative to wrapping around a long rectangular scarf. It’s such an easy way to finish an otherwise ordinary outfit. I’ve even invested in a couple more square scarves to roll up and tie in a neckerchief. Top tip – my scarves are 33ins square – any bigger then they’d be too bulky. You can also use a long rectangular scarf but ensure it’s not too wide otherwise it’ll be too bulky.

Like to know more about having your colours analysed then pop along to my Personal Styling Services page. Maybe you’ve had your colours done a while ago and you’re finding that some colours are not working as well as they did before. It might be that as you’ve got older your hair colour has gone greyer and your skin tone has gone cooler or greyer. We can review your colours in my Wardrobe Wake-Up consultation – designed for those who’ve already had their colours and/or style analysed.

Why not give some new colours a go, it really can have a therapeutic influence over the way you feel about what you wear.

Until the next time – Happy Styling – Jo xx

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