Smart casual outfit ideas

Smart Casual outfits

Smart casual outfit ideas

10th November 2016 / Personal Shopping,Seasonal Trends,Style Savvy Tips

Smart casual outfit ideas to beat the chill.

After an unseasonal warm October the weather appears to be catching up with whats’ expected of it as the air turns chillier and the rain becomes more wintery. I’m not complaining, I’m welcoming the onset of winter. Log fires, scented candles, drinking hot chocolate or mulled wine (more my tipple!), watching a “rom-com”, reading a good book or having the family around for a roast. Ah-h a perfect Sunday afternoon! Smart casual outfit ideas

The Danish have a word for it ‘hygge” pronounced “hoo-ga” – cosiness is our nearest translation however it’s much more than that. It’s a way of life, an attitude, being kind to yourself by taking time out from chores and relaxing with friends and family. The Danes have been at it for years which could be why they’re allegedly the worlds happiest country.

Let’s not whine about the nights drawing in (the Danes have upto 17 hours of darkness in their mid-winter), and the weather getting colder. Instead, let’s embrace the change in the seasons and curl up by the fire, dim the lights, eat some comfort food and indulge in the whole “hygge” experience!

You can even extend “hygge”  to what you wear and for this weeks style fix I’ve put together two smart casual outfit ideas using a knitted dress/tunic and a shearling gilet. I have styled these looks so they’re snuggly and warm as well as stylish and sophisticated.

Whether you hunker down with friends and family, and entertain at home, or go to a cosy country pub for lunch, these stylish outfits will help shut out your winter blues and embrace the whole “hoo-ga” feeling of comfort, warmth and cosiness.


Smart casual outfit ideas



These outfit ideas are meant to inspire you so before shopping, check your wardrobe first to see if there’s anything in there you can use before spending your hard earned cash on new items. When it comes to casual clothing many of my clients have lots of clothes but nothing co-ordinates. This is largely due to them buying from the heart, they love it, it’s a bargain, it fits perfectly and so in the basket it goes!

If you feel enough is enough and you’re tired of buying items you hardly ever wear or you want outfit ideas using what you already have then check out my Wardrobe Transformation programme.

In the meantime, my top tip for this weeks blog is; before buying an item, ask yourself “will this go with at least 2 other items currently in my wardrobe” – if not and you will need to buy other items to make up an outfit, then is it really the bargain you thought or will it sit, forgotten, in your wardrobe because you have nothing to wear with it?

If you have one of these forgotten items and you’d like some ideas on how to style it. Post a photo of your item in my facebook group Stale to Style Confident and I’d be happy to come up with some ideas.

I’m on a mission to help women wear more of what’s in their wardrobes!

Until next time – happy styling!!  – Joxxx

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HYGGE click this link – A Heart Warming Lesson From Denmark


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