Shopping made easy!

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Shopping made easy!

9th September 2016 / Autumn/Spring Transition Outfits,Personal Shopping,Seasonal Trends

This is my favourite time of the year for shopping, all the Autumn Trends we’ve been reading about, sometimes 6 months ahead, are starting to put in an appearance on the high street and at last I’m able to unleash my creativity into endless outfit possibilities for my wonderful clients!

I know this is not the case for everyone, for many the thought of going shopping and being faced with decisions on what to buy can lead to overwhelm and frustration when they’re unable to find what they’re looking for. Is it age appropriate? Does it cover my wobbly bits? Will it go with other items in my wardrobe? Phew this is enough to turn most off shopping for themselves!

Shopping would be so much easier if you had a personal shopper, right? Someone who can pick out items that – are age appropriate for 40+ style; will skim and slim in all the right places; will go with other items in your wardrobe. The Confident Style Creators Autumn Style Challenge does just that. There’s 25 items in the suggested capsule wardrobe but I’ve picked out 6 recommendations for each of those items to ensure there’s an option to suit everyone. To give you a taster I’ve picked one of my favourite outfits from the Autumn Style Challenge.

Example outfit for SC


1. Floral Blouse

Florals have toughened up this season, so they’re not too girly frou-frou!

Shopping Options: one/two/three

2. Silver Earrings

Sometimes just a simple pair of earrings is all an outfit needs!

Shopping Options: one/two/three

3. Longline Waistcoat

a key trend this Autumn, the waistcoat is a contemporary and versatile item to amp up your style.

Shopping Options: one/two/three

4. Leggings/straight legged jeans

don’t be put off by the name “leggings” there’s some great ones out there for the 40+ stylers! – It’s how you wear them!

Shopping Options: one/two/three

5. Knee High Boots

with a heel or without a pair of knee highs is a wardrobe must have for Autumn style.

Shopping Option: one/two/three


And this isn’t all you get from the Style Challenge – you’ll get an outfit suggestion a day for 21 days so you don’t even have to think about what to wear AND we have a Private Facebook Group, which is a supportive space to meet fellow Style Challengers and gain access to my insider style tips. In two days we’ve covered off-the-shoulder styling and the best styles to suit your shape; which base colours to build a capsule wardrobe around; a promo offer for one of the retailers listed on my recommended items; a key accessory trend that you’re sure to have in your wardrobe; an idea to refresh a tired autumn garment oh and some best buys – phew!!

You’ll have to join us on the Autumn Style Challenge to gain access to all this exclusive style information and enjoy our supportive network of  fabulous Style Challengers! Hurry!! to be eligible for the £40 gift card giveaway you have to join by the 12th September.



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