Restyle and Refresh Your Outfits

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Restyle and Refresh Your Outfits

4th February 2016 /2 comment(s) / Style Savvy Tips

The high street is looking a little drab, all the good sales items have gone and the new Spring collections are only just starting to trickle into the shops. As we’ve still got a few weeks left before winter officially finishes , I don’t know about you but my mindset isn’t in the right mode to start pulling together outfits that I won’t enjoy wearing for a few weeks. I want my outfit fix now so whilst we’re waiting for the high street to catch up, I’ll be taking a fresh look at my wardrobe and getting creative with re-inventing & refreshing what I already have. Here’s my 3 top tips for re-inventing what you already have in your wardrobe and giving you lots of inspiration to tied you over until the new Spring/Summer collections.



  1. Louise

    Wardrobe re-styling video was clear, concise and inspiring. Just what I needed to get me started again, and just in time for the half yearly wardrobe clear out. Thanks Jo for helping keep me focused. Lou

    1. jo - Post Author

      You are very welcome Lou – there’s lots more videos lined up to help you with your wardrobe – “How to turn your wardrobe from messy & disorganised to tidy so you can find what you’re looking for” will be the next video posted on here. I know you’ve already signed up to receive my monthly newsletter so keep a look out for it and it’ll have the link or check back to this site in a weeks time when I’ll have uploaded it.

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