Outfit Idea – The Military trend & stepping out of my comfort zone!

Military Trend

Outfit Idea – The Military trend & stepping out of my comfort zone!

30th September 2016 /2 comment(s) / Autumn/Spring Transition Outfits,Personal Shopping,Seasonal Trends

Fashion is my passion and although I follow what trends are in and out, I’m not one for wearing the latest must-have item unless it suits me and I know I can comfortably and confidently carry it off. I know my style signature and over the years I’ve stuck to it as I don’t want to have a wardrobe full of items that may fit and flatter me but don’t give me joy when I wear them.

I liken my “style signature” to a Gin & Tonic with a Lemon Twist – a timeless, elegant, no fuss classic (the gin & tonic bit) with a polar opposing twist of glamour (lemon bit) to perfectly compliment and turn my outfit from stale to sophisticated. Sticking to this analogy makes for easier shopping choices, I always look for a glamour twist in an item, and putting together an outfit, I often use accessories to add glitz, interest and charm.

Autumn fashion trend

My gin & tonic with lemon style is why I’ve skirted around the sports luxe and the military trends in the past. Sports luxe is not me, too casual – I’ll keep my joggers and hoodies for the Pilates classes. Military I’ve avoided because I thought I would feel scruffy wearing combats and a t-shirt. Whilst I appreciate that for many dressing casually doesn’t affect how they feel, for me, when I wear my yoga pants and casuals my mind set is in relaxation mode.

So with an open mind to step outside my comfort zone, and feeling inspired by the ladies on The Confident Style Creators Autumn Style Challenge (it works both ways I inspire but I also gain inspiration from fellow style sisters!!), here I am playing around with the Military trend and wow I’m really pleased with the result!! Of course for me to feel totally

Military Outfit style

comfortable I have to add my glamorous twist by wearing my sparkly wrap bracelet as a choker and you can’t see them in these photos but I’m wearing my fringe ankle boots for a twist of boho but all in all I’m mighty happy with the result and don’t feel at all too casual!

I’ll be wearing this at the weekend and suspect this green shirt jacket will become a wardrobe staple. I’ll wear it over my summer dresses and my shorts when they see the light of day again!

I was getting a little bored with my wardrobe, so this little exercise has worked wonders in putting the joy back into what i’m wearing this Autumn. Why not give it a go and set aside some “me” time this weekend to try new outfit combos and step outside your own wardrobe comfort zone. I’d love to hear of ways in which you’ve tried something new and was amazed at the result. Put them in the comments below – it doesn’t even have to be relating to clothes it can be anything that has put an extra spring in your step!

My Top Picks:  Military Twill Shirt Jacket / Long Sleeve Breton / Whitestuff Jeans / Sparkly Wrap Bracelet (worn as a choker) / Tassle Ankle Boot


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  1. Paula Blanchard

    Love the outfit, really suits you, very slimming also. I am currently working out new combinations using the new colours and what’s in my wardrobe. . . .all helped by having lost a few pounds and now getting into some of my stored favourite clothes. . . .. work in progress!
    Paula x

    1. jo - Post Author

      Thank you Paula for your lovely comments. Well done on losing a few pounds and isn’t it a great feeling when you can get back into clothes you’d forgotten about. It’s as good if not better than retail therapy!!

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