Mutton Vs Matronly

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Mutton Vs Matronly

15th April 2015 / Style Savvy Tips

Mutton vs Matronly innerMany times I hear ;

“I like it but I’m not sure I can get away with it”

“I feel so fat and frumpy”

“I’m turning into my mother”

If this is you,  rest assured you’re not alone. I think it’s got something to do with the shock at not recognising our mid-life reflections in the mirror and in photos because time stopped when we were youthful, vibrant 25 year olds – right!

In the UK, 44 is the average age most women struggle with coming to terms with ageing and all that goes with it.

When it comes to what we wear, it’s tricky successfully navigating the fine line between mutton dressed as lamb and frumpy. We get ourselves in such a pickle trying to avoid looking like everyone else whilst at the same time concerned about looking ridiculous.

My number one tip to all is “lighten up” – have fun with clothes, play around. Often the ladies who look the most stylish don’t stick within the age boundaries that the retailers set for their fashion ranges. They understand which styles, colours (link to Style Savvy Transformation Page) and details suit them and they have the confidence to mix it up, to put their own spin on their look.

If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut – try something different. Time capsule wardrobes are often a common ageing factor. If you’ve got items in your wardrobe that date back to some long gone era (if it comes around again, they will have a modern twist) – DITCH them!

A change in body shape, hot flushes, mood changes, footwear issues, budget and lifestyle all influence our decisions and often leave us feeling that clothes shopping is just too much hassle. What if you knew exactly what you’re looking for, all factors considered? Wouldn’t that make life easier and shopping less time consuming? (link to personal shopping Page)

Dressing age appropriately isn’t difficult, it’s about making the right choices for your shape, colouring, lifestyle and most importantly YOU.

My Personal Styling consultations and packages will enhance your image enabling you to feel style confident whatever the situation. You will gain plenty of ideas to put you back on track so you enjoy your wardrobe, without looking mutton nor matronly!!

To book or enquire about any of my Personal Styling Services (link to Personal Styling), phone or email me today (link to contact me page and or auto booking/calendar page)


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