Look Stylish & Feel Confident Everyday This Autumn


Look Stylish & Feel Confident Everyday This Autumn

5th September 2016 / Autumn/Spring Transition Outfits,Business Image,Personal Shopping,Seasonal Trends

Over the years I’ve worked with some pretty awesome women, many, in their midi’s (a polite term I use for mid-life and mid-size UK  

Style Challenge outfit

12-16), like me. Most find shopping for clothes an overwhelming and frustrating panic-buying trip they would rather avoid, often resulting in “that will do” items they rarely wear again. Many no longer feel confident or comfortable with their wardrobe choices, they feel bored with their individual style and they fear making expensive mistakes.

Whilst my 1:1 clients would come to me to gain ideas and learn what works best for their lifestyle, shape, height and individual style they would still feel frustrated when it came to finding the clothes. You see many of the high street retailers scale-up their size 10s to fit sizes 12-16 with no consideration of the cuts, fabrics and silhouettes that suit and flatter the midi sizes. In their defence unless it’s made to measure it’s pretty difficult to design a style to suit such a wide range of sizes.  They cater for petites and plus sizes but very often miss the mark for us mid-sizes. Some seasons we have the odd glimmer of hope when we find the perfect item, which goes out of stock almost as soon as it comes into the warehouse but then the following season it all goes to pot again. Is there any wonder why shopping for clothes is so frustrating?

Personal styling has been my passion and business for years so I’ve developed a keen eye for spotting items that will work for the midi sizes. Which is why I’ve put together THE CONFIDENT STYLE CREATORS AUTUMN 2016 STYLE CHALLENGE to help eliviate the shopping overwhelm many women experience.

It’s an online programme that gives you the tools to use more of what you already have, shop smart and feel confident in everything you wear.

It includes;

A capsule wardrobe PDF Shopping List – based around the Autumn trends – so you can shop your wardrobe first and identify what your money would be best spent on. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll already have you can use.

Links to the best items on the high street to skim and slim – so you can sofa shop.

A suggested outfit a day for 21 days including a style tip of the day and tips on how to dress up and how to dress down, each outfit suggestion.

A vibrant facebook community where you can gain; style advice; great shopping finds; retailer recommendations and support from me and the others that are already on the programme.

A weekly opportunity to win a £40 Gift Card to put towards your new Autumn wardrobe – to be in with a chance you need to interact and take part in Private Facebook Group Community.

In a nutshell this programme gives affordable access to a personal stylist!!

Try it and give your wardrobe and your self esteem an upgrade – you deserve it!!




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