How to Wear Stripes


How to Wear Stripes

4th March 2016 / Seasonal Trends,Style Savvy Tips

Stripes come around every Spring so if you’re looking for an investment item then a striped top, dress, skirt or trousers will give you a good return per wear. Pull it out of the wardrobe each spring and restyle it with one of the current trends to bring it up to date.

Many stay clear of stripes because we’re taught they can make you look wider and shorter. If you have a tendency to give stripes a wide berth then you’re missing out on a great optical illusion trick. If worn correctly they can work the total opposite of what you would expect. In this video I show you how you can successfully use horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes to create optical illusions that will slim and elongate. Follow¬†my tips and get creative with your stripes this Spring. Don’t forget to post your comments in the box below.


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