How to appear slimmer

how to appear slimmer

How to appear slimmer

26th October 2016 /2 comment(s) / Autumn/Spring Transition Outfits,Personal Shopping,Seasonal Trends

How to appear slimmer – just wear this key autumn trend

Wobbly tummies, thunder thighs and big boobs are how I’ve heard clients articulate the areas of their bodies they’re not happy with. They use these descriptions when I ask which areas of their body they love!! Why o why can we not see our best bits yet we’re the first to point out our worst!! That’s a discussion for another blog around body image, but for the time being I’m going to give you my key tips around disguising a jelly belly (whoops another phrase I hear often!)

To disguise a wobbly tummy many wear looser shapes and larger sizes in the hope that they will cover it up, when in fact they can have the opposite effect. There are, however, some clever optical illusions you can create to flatten the tummy area. The one that’s become a key trend this season is the Asymmetric hemline and as we hurtle towards the season of over indulgences it may be worth having one in your wardrobe for those days when you’re feeling a little bloated.

Asymmetric – it’s taken me ages to log the spelling of this in my memory banks. It’s one of those words, I trip up on. I’m not alone it seems. In my attempts to source the best buys various mis-spellings came up – asymetric and aysmmetric being the two most common.

how to dress slimmer

However Asymmetric is spelt, this trend is a stylish option for camouflaging your tummy. Word of caution, as with all styling it’s not a straight forward rule and there’s a few key guidelines to follow to get the maximum effect.

1) If the point of the diagonal is set off to the side, ensure the angle of the diagonal is steep so it’s almost creating a vertical line.

2) The V sitting in the middle is flattering, however it sometimes means the sides come up high, so wear a vest top underneath to avoid showing flesh with every arm movement.

3) Ensure the seam or line where the two different colours meet does not run across the tummy – see the difference in the diagram. This has the opposite effect to slimming and trimming.

4) Wear with skinny jeans or jeggings. Leggings if they’re thick and don’t go transparent when stretched over your thighs are OK but I tend to favour the thicker material in jeggings.

5) If an asymmetric hem is a little short, ie. just about covering the tummy and it hasn’t come with a camisole consider wearing a toning one underneath to drop the hemline. Top number 5 is an all-in-one but this gives a similar effect.

6) If the point of the diagonal finishes longer than mid thigh and you’re 5ft 4 and under you’ll need to wear heels to stop the top from swamping you.

7) If you have a long torso and short legs you’ll find this style will distort your proportions, as it creates the illusion of lengthening your torso and shortening your legs even more. This is great for those who have a short torso and longer legs.

asymmetric trendHere’s my TOP PICKS for the best asymmetric tops on the high street.







And finally this is one trend I’m rocking this season – it works wonders on my short body, long legs and apple shape. Here’s the proof that I practice what I preach!! If you have any questions, comments or want to share some ideas feel free to pop your comments in the box below.

Happy Styling!! Joxxx




  1. Roz Mudaliar

    Hi Jo, It seems ages since my daughter treated me to a day with you and I’ve been recommending you to everyone ever since, even to strangers in shops! I love all the ideas and tips you send out so regularly – they stop me getting stuck in a rut, and it’s so helpful to be shown how to put together the whole look.
    The asymmetric tops are very me, I must go hunting……you look fab in yours!
    Many thanks,

    1. jo - Post Author

      Thank you Roz – I’m so pleased you’re getting lots of inspiration from my weekly posts and thank you so much for all your referrals!! I also find my asymmetric jumper very useful for those times when your stuck for something to wear. I love reading & replying to comments so thanks for this! Jo x

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