Happy Clients

Here’s what my clients have to say;

Spending time with Jo was great fun and so beneficial. New thinking about how to combine clothes and colours has really boosted my confidence.
I feel that i can clothes shop with more certainty and get great value for money from the times I choose to add to my wardrobe. I thought that i wasn’t really that interested in clothes and that a consultation couldn’t make that much difference to the way I look but it is amazing how much there is to learn and think about and how fascinating and useful it all is!!
I highly recommend anyone to take time out to learn about your colours and styles. It’s an investment in yourself!

Louise H

It’s been a year since my colour consultation with Jo and I can safely say it’s changed my whole perception of myself! I feel like I’ve been let into a secret I should have been told 20 years ago!

The session was warm and friendly, genuinely surprising and covered everything including clothes, make-up, jewellery, even specs.

Armed with my trusty swatch of colours shopping has become fun and appealing like never before. I love that no colour is banned, it’s just a matter of finding the right tone, and once you know what to look for, there is so much choice!

I always feel great in “my” colours, and get lots of nice comments now. Interestingly, people don’t compliment the colour I’m wearing, they compliment ME! Coordinating is so easy and allows me to put together some gorgeous combinations I would not have had the confidence to try before.

Claire M, Exeter

Claire McLaughlin Photo

Thanks to Jo, I now have hope that my habit of spending time gazing hopelessly at the clothes in my wardrobe while I try to decide what to wear will soon be behind me. I have always found clothes shopping a trial, but I now know what to look for in terms of colour and style, and what to avoid. I see it as a worthwhile investment of time and effort which will make it so much easier to both decide what to wear, and more importantly, feel good in it.

Understanding which necklines suit me and what necklaces to wear is going to make a big difference to how my face looks as I slide toward later middle age!

I would have been rather dismissive of the idea of getting help from a personal style consultant in the past, but now I am going to be encouraging all my friends to book a session with Jo. It has been fascinating, fun and really useful.

Chris G

It has been some years since I had been colour analysed (by someone else) and had become a bit stuck with a few good colours for me. Jo gave me new colours to introduce to my wardrobe creating different outfits from my existing clothes, adding a bit of zing! My appointment was promptly followed up by my wardrobe update suggestions and a reminder of the new colours by email as well as the useful card I had been given at the appointment.

I was so impressed that it was not just the colours Jo talked about, it was the whole part, the style of clothes to suit my bodyshape, as this had changed in recent years (whose hasn’t?). It was so interesting to try styles I had dismissed; what was bang on trend no need to spend hours researching this girls as Jo has it at her fingertips . How to wear different colours together was also extremely helpful, some of which I had not thought of, and guidance on the right shade of some of those colours too.

I had a most enjoyable time at my appointment with Jo and was made
to feel very special, what’s more this feel good factor lasted for some time

Anne B

Anne Brooks photo

I’ve discovered so much about how colour, style and body shape can work together beautifully since my two sessions with Jo. I now see why certain clothes have never felt quite right, even though they looked as if they should suit me. Jo gives clear information on what to look for, what to avoid, and permission to break the rules every now and then as well! She has transformed how I shop, and I will happily recommend her to anyone. The new skills and confidence she gives are invaluable, and so much fun to use! It’s even better if you go shopping with a friend who has also been to see her too. Thank you so much Jo!

Sylvia J 

I had a wardrobe consultation at home with Jo and it was so amazing and such good fun! We had a great time and by the end of it my wardrobe was spacious and had lots of hangers with outfits and jewellery or scarves to match all ready to go. I loved it. A new pair of eyes with creative design flair can reinvent what you already have and advise you on a few items to pull it all together. So many hints and tips that were really helpful. What a declutter! The bed was covered and then by the end were a row of great outfits for work, leisure and going out! Shoes, tops, trousers, dresses, jewellery and even under vests and scarves have all been refreshed and a new look combining the old has blossomed. Thank you so much Jo it was wonderful! Somehow it affirms who you are now and makes space for you to feel just right in your life. I no longer dither about trying on loads of things and making piles to put away. I open the wardrobe or look on my phone and voila there is the perfect outfit!

Kate H 

I have had 2 sessions with Jo and enjoyed every minute of them! I have always loved clothes. So much so, that before I met Jo my house had been taken over by them. All my wardrobes were full to bursting and I had boxes of them under the bed and bags in the loft. I couldn’t understand why I always felt like I had nothing to wear! Thank goodness for Jo! I went to a style and colour consultation with her and had a brilliant day. Jo helped me to rethink my wardrobe. I learnt what styles and colours suited me – and just as importantly – I learnt what clothes to avoid (regardless of how much I might like them on other people.)

I recently went on a ‘Style Savvy Refresher’ session with Jo which was incredibly useful. She knew exactly what sort of looks I liked and was able to advise me on the styles and colours in the shops this season which would work for me…. and where to find them. The next day I went shopping and it was a revelation! I knew exactly what I was looking for and so I wasn’t distracted. I came away with the perfect jeans and top for the outfit idea we had discussed and I feel really excited to have a new look.

If you are thinking of consulting with Jo don’t hesitate. As well as having great fun, you’ll learn how to enjoy your clothes and look fabulous…and best of all you won’t come home from a shopping trip with lots of ‘mistakes’ so you’ll save money too.
Go for it!!

– Pia M
Pia M Photo

Me vs Clothes. Not a match made in heaven!
Then I spent a couple of hours with Jo and the world of colour flooded back into my life.
You have demonstrated to me Jo not to be afraid of colour and how what I wear can work in harmony with me.

Adrienne R


Before I went to any of Jo’s learning about style events and consultations I really hated shopping for clothes. To be quite honest I really preferred to go shopping in B&Q or at the local reclamation yard.
These days, after learning from Jo I am literally transformed!

I can and do successfully navigate my way with ease around any department store – even in central London – with confidence; I dress for corporate presentations with ease and my own style – consciously knowing what I’m wearing and why and what message I’m wanting to convey with my outfit; I understand what colours enhance my colouring, skin tones and personality; I know what shapes and styles fit and flatter my shape – and what brands tend to suite my style.

I’ve learned that I can be elegant, polished and stylish and still feel comfortable in what I’m wearing – because I’ve learned my own authentic style that I can now translate from casual to corporate and the places in between.

Regrettably B&Q no longer holds the same interest for me these days…
you’re much more likely to see me navigating my way around a department store!

Janet C

Thank you for yesterday, I’ve already cleared out my wardrobe of everything that doesn’t really work, and lots of black, and all the things I always think I’ll wear but actually just don’t. So now I have room to find a few choice things that will really make me feel good.

For the first time in years I feel excited about choosing clothes, and actually believe I can look good again.

– Roni J
Paula Fennegan

Thanks for all your tips on colours. It was really interesting and made a lot of sense.

I’ve bought a skirt & top that I probably wouldn’t have in the past and they both work together, or on their own. I find I now scan the colours on the racks and know straight away if it’s worth looking further. Such a time saver. It will need a bit more tweeking but it’s getting there!
Will love to come back for an update!

Paula F

Thank you so much for a lovely morning and for all your styling help. I wish I had done this years ago it would certainly have saved me a lot of time, money and mistakes. So great to go shopping with a clear vision of my style, I feel more ME now. My wardrobe is now fun rather than ‘it will do’.

Wendy G

Wendy Giles Photo
I thought you’d like to see some before and after photos of some of my super happy clients
Models wearing Black

Before in Black

Linda Corp Wrong

Colour Analysis

Models wearing wrong colours

The Wrong Colours

Models wearing best colours

The Right Colours

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