Dressing for all weather!

Young woman walking on the field under umbrella in fair weather

Dressing for all weather!

22nd August 2016 / Autumn/Spring Transition Outfits,Personal Shopping,Seasonal Trends

Today we had all the seasons in one day!! This morning it was hot enough to sunbath whilst late afternoon it clouded over, the temperature got a little cooler and there was damp mizzle (not full on rain, but that fine stuff that gets in everything and makes my hair go frizzy!). So how are we supposed to plan for all temperatures and weather and still feel that we’re rocking some sort of style? I’ve found the trick is to find one item that’s a trans-seasonal item. My “hero” item for this Autumn is my lightweight knitted longline navy waistcoat, which is one of my recommended items in my CONFIDENT STYLE CREATORS AUTUMN STYLE CHALLENGE. Of course I wouldn’t wear it when its baking hot and I wouldn’t wear it when it’s very cold, it’ll be replaced with a warmer jacket or cardigan but this trend for sleeveless jackets ticks all the boxes when the temperature ranges from above average to chilly.

Here’s a couple of casual outfit ideas based around my favourite longline waistcoat – why not use this guide for your packing if you’re planning a bank holiday weekend getaway.

Planning on some bank holiday shopping? First check your wardrobe, my guess is that you’ll already have similar items to these – you’ll also identify what you’re going to need to take you seamlessly from late summer to autumn, ensuring you get the most wear out of anything new.

Oh and don’t forget a striking foldaway poncho and wellies for any thunderous downpours!!

Longline waistcoat opt 1 - blog

Waterfall Longline Waistcoat – in navy or grey

Floral & Stripe Top – in various patterns

White Cropped Jeans

Blue Ikat print tote – it’s reversible to plain blue.

Silver Hoops

Silver Cage Cuff 

Pink Converses






Longline Waistcoat opt 2 blog

Solid Colour Sleeveless Top

Navy Shorts

Silver Sparkle Cuff Bracelet

Silver layered Necklace

Pink Flip Flops







joules poncho - blog

 Poncho & Wellies  by Joules

Joules Wellies blog


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