Devon in denim

Devon in Denim

Devon in denim

15th April 2015 / Seasonal Trends

Denim trend

Devon has always had a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. So now that denim is back on-trend, you can bet it’s going to become a work-place staple in many non-formal organisations.

If your colleagues are all in their early 30’s, and you love keeping up with the styles, then take a deep breath – because denim is not like any other fabric. Even though denim is de-rigueur, if you do it wrong it can become disastrous.

The four key watch-words here are colour, fit, shaping and quality.

Quality – that speaks for itself. Make sure it’s high quality denim, a good brand, and those jeans should last for ages…

Fit – that’s strictly between you and the changing room doors! You’ll know what fits and what feels great. Do the sag-test (lower down) to check long term fit and quality.

Shaping and colour – is where I come in! In my experience shaping is the most worrying area for many women. Do I go for bootleg? Crop? Boyfriend? Skinny…? What is going to make my legs look long and my bum look “just right”?

As for colour – it’s something that most people don’t even consider. But it can make all the difference. Denim shades ARE a big deal. You need to work with your personal colourways, and choose the right colours for the occasion.

Here are my top tips for buying denim


  • Bigger hips/bottom: choose jeans that flare a little at the hems to balance out the hips. Avoid jeans with small pockets or detailing in the crotch or hip area.
  • Smaller hips/bottom: detailing on the jeans is useful. High waist jeans are great – these can give you a virtual buttock-lift!
  • Do not experiment with skinny jeans unless you have the perfect model body!
  • This season it’s all about double denim as we embrace the 70’s look. Be cautious is all I’m saying. I would team a denim shirt with a pair of coloured or white jeans and play it safe.
  • Always wash your denims inside out on a 30 degree wash. They will keep their colour and shape for longer
  • Buy jeans that fit a little tight for they tend to stretch
  • Wear dark jeans for evening wear – more stylish and flattering
  • To check quality of denims, try them on then squat for a few minutes. These jeans should still be keeping their shape and not sag loosely. Any sagging – return them to the rail and walk away.

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