Comfort Vs Style – which would you choose?

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Comfort Vs Style – which would you choose?

12th September 2016 / Business Image,Personal Shopping,Seasonal Trends

I recently enjoyed some quality time with my oldest and dearest friend. For as long as I can remember we’ve been style buddies, we met at work, years ago, and used to nip into town in our lunch hours to look at what’s in the shops. We’ve got very similar tastes so even when we’d meet up for dinner, one would admire what the other was wearing. She’s been my style inspiration for many years and I adore her quirkiness and eccentricity.  IMG_2817

Let me set the scene, my friend is 5ft 11ins and wears 5 inch heels! Her partner is 6ft 4ins so it does look quite comical all 5ft 4ins of me stood in the middle of them! She’s always been proud of her height and walks tall with an inner confidence that I love and admire. I was eagerly awaiting our girly chat and a chance to coo over her latest 5 inches of shoe desire. However she dropped the bombshell that she needs to learn to walk in heels again. You see all through the summer, she’s been in flip flops and flat sandals and when she put her heels on “they took on a life of their own” she fell and mildly strained her ankle. No way – I’ve known this girl to run for buses and dance for hours in her 5-inch stilettos so this declaration was a shock to me.

Despite feeling a little sore she’s laughing about it and enjoyed my mild embarrassment when she prevented me from falling in my heels as we walked from the car to the restaurant. Picture a scene not unlike Edina and Patsy of Ab Fab! Realisation has dawned on us that we’re at the age now where comfort has to over-ride style when it comes to our shoes. So we’re now on the hunt for the most stylish flats that fit like slippers. For the last couple of years I’ve sworn by my Brogues, they’ve carried me on the hard London pavements on many occasions. But they’re looking worn so I’m on the case and using all my contacts and know how to source the most stylish flats for this season.

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