About Me

Jo Smallbones

This is me!

“If it has to do with clothes and confidence, I can help”

Body shape changes, reaching a milestone age and a critical view of their reflection in the mirror are just a few of the reasons why many women get stuck in a style rut. What they used to be able to wear, without a second thought, they no longer feel as comfortable and confident in so they tend to stick to what they know.

This is all well and good until they notice that everyone else is wearing similar “safe” clothes and they fear they’ve merging into a clone of what’s expected at their age. The rebel in them wants to be different the introvert holds back because they believe they could never be stylish because “style is something you’re born with!”

Yeh right!! – I’m here to tell you that’s a whole load of “old wives tale” rubbish – style is NOT something that comes naturally, it’s a life skill that can be learned and it will change your life forever. Woah!! – now there’s a bold statement. It is also true that learning which clothes will work perfectly will help save time and money but the biggest takeaway my clients get is SELF-CONFIDENCE and that’s got to be life-changing, right?

Since training, 8 years ago, as a Personal Stylist/Image Coach and qualifying as an NLP Practitioner and HNLP Coach, it’s been my passion to help women put the joy and originality back into what they wear. My absolute favourite part in their style journey is seeing their beams of delight when I guide them on trying something different because they know for sure it will work perfectly for them.

In 2014 I won a national award for Image Consultancy and was a finalist in the Women in Business Venus awards for the most influential business woman. I’m the experienced side of 45, far from what the media would have us believe the perfect size (they say 12 – I say “whatever!!”) AND I wasn’t born with style – I’ve just learnt how to apply my unique interpretation that is MY STYLE!! – The rest comes easy as my style is the one I feel the most confident wearing because I can comfortably carry it off!!

I work one-on-one with my clients tutoring, inspiring and empowering them to translate what’s on the inside, their values, energy, spirit and personality into what they wear and help them package these qualities into outfits that flatter and work to reflect their TRUE STYLE!

If you’re ready to connect with your inner style and learn what will work perfectly for you so you too can step forward and say “This is MY STYLE and I love it!!” then click this link to take you to my WORK WITH ME personal styling services.


I’m playful, curious and I’m drawn to bright colours!! I’m a style chameleon changing my look depending on my mood and the environment.

I like timeless classics, preferring clean, uncluttered styles (they’re more flattering) using patterns, design features and statement accessories to add a funky twist that makes me smile and say WOW- this is me! I’m also a bit of a rebel, often playing with the rules to create a look that works – but then that’s the playful designer in me!!