A Capsule Wardrobe for a Straight Body Shape

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A Capsule Wardrobe for a Straight Body Shape

19th June 2015 /3 comment(s) / Style Savvy Tips

The definition of a straight body shape is someone with little or no waist, if you’re carrying a little extra weight then “Apple” is another term. Generally, Straights or Apples have slender legs and slim thighs so this area is where to draw the focus. Don’t cover up those slender thighs and legs with wide loose fitting palazzos they will only add bulk. Very fitted garments that pull in and show off the waist will gape and pull in all the wrong places on a straight body shape so opt for skim and slim garments for the top half of the body ie. longline tops, straight cardigans and blazer styles for jackets.

Proportions ie. whether you have long legs and a short torso or short legs and long torso these also play an important role in assessing what lengths to choose for your garments. The key is to use your garments to balance your proportions thus a longer top will add length to a short torso and higher waists will add length to short legs.

Knowing your body shape, face shape and proportions are key to choosing the right garment styles, necklines and lengths and will create optical illusions that help you to feel comfortable and confident.

Here’s a capsule wardrobe suggestion for a straight body shape and to cover between the seasons. That’s the awkward time when it’s not hot enough to bring out the more casual sundress and shorts nor cold enough for chunky knitwear – which let’s face it, here in the UK, is most of the time.

How to use this edit.

Check what you already have in your wardrobe and tick it off on this edit. You may have a smart pair of jeans, a lightweight long-line sweater and a patterned long-line shirt so tick those off. This will help you to identify the gaps in your wardrobe.

An effective capsule wardrobe should be based around core colours that co-ordinate – ie this one has shades of pinks and blues with navy and white being the base colours.

Buying only the colours that make your eyes sparkle, clear away dark circles and lines and lift your complexion will help towards ensuring a fully co-ordinated wardrobe. Colour analysis is good for this as a swatch is provided to guide you on choosing the right colours when you shop.

Capsule Wardrobe for between seasons


It all sounds so simple doesn’t it? Such is the nature of the guides you read in magazines and other media it has to be generic to avoid over complicating the editorial. That’s fine if you’re a standard size with regular proportions, and no wobbly bits. Yet in my experience no two clients are ever the same, whilst one loves her curves the other wants to cover them up and whist one celebrates her height the other feels she stands out too much. The only way to make shopping easier and with less “mistakes” is to know your shape,  proportions and colouring. A professional can help you identify these and give tailored advice based around your lifestyle and objectives.

My Style Savvy Transformation is a two and a half hour consultation that will do that. Unlike any other Personal Styling  Services my consultations are designed so you can book out time with me which gives you the flexibility to choose what you want to know eg colours with a little style and shapes advice or full body-shape, styles and proportions analysis with how to finish off your outfit, which necklines or which spectacles to choose. There’s so many options and areas it really is down to you and what you would like me to help you with. I’ve even got a shorter consultation at 90 minutes SS Refresher, which is for those who know their best colours and styles but are feeling stuck, lacking in inspiration and overwhelmed at all the choice on the high street.

To find out more visit my Personal Styling Services page



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