5 Essentials for staying warm & stylish this winter

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5 Essentials for staying warm & stylish this winter

13th January 2017 /3 comment(s) / Personal Shopping,Style Savvy Tips

With an arctic weather front heading across the UK it’s time to get out the chunkies (sweaters, puffas and thermal boots) and dress like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters!! Yayhay!! – time for snow balls, snowmen and sledging.

Maybe there’s just a little wishful thinking in the Smallbones household, as one of the down-sides, (there’s hardly any) to living in the Torbay area is that the winters tend to be mild and wet. So whilst the rest of the country gets snow, we get sleet!! Being a Yorkshire girl, born and bred in the North, I much prefer snow to sleet and when the forecasters predict lows coming from the Arctic I can’t resist doing a little snow dance in the hope that it reaches our corner of the UK! If it doesn’t happen then we can always venture out in the 4×4 to the higher ground on Dartmoor or Exmoor where there’s bound to be a few inches.

Whether you’ve awoken to a good layer of the white stuff or you’re experiencing the sleet you’ll still need these essentials to stay warm as the chill sets in, so here’s my 5 key essentials for keeping warm whilst avoiding the frumpy mum look!

1) A thinly padded gilet like this one from Uniqlo is perfect for wearing as an extra layer under your winter coat. This one is lightweight and filled with down
feathers ensuring it’s warm without it being bulky. It’s also great as an extra layer for when you are indoors – saves on fuel bills.  Light padded gilet


Ultra Light Down Vest – Uniqlo

2) These silky feel, long sleeved tops are perfect for adding an extra layer under a jumper. They come in a whole range of colours so you can colour match or contrast with a jumper. There’s 4 different necklines, crew, curved, v and roll neck so you can choose one that will work best with whatever you wear over the top. This diversity makes them a little more stylish than your average thermals and the lightweight fabric ensures you don’t overheat. I’m sensitive to wool so these are great for preventing itching. thermal under layer

Silky Tops – Kettlewell Colours

3) If my neck, feet and hands are cold then it doesn’t matter how I’ve layered up the rest of my clothing I’ll feel the cold. Just like a scarf or thick socks, long gloves cover the wrists and stop the chill from creeping up your arms. I also have a pair of fingerless ones for when I need a little more flexibility and mobility in picking up things or using my phone. There’s also fur wrist cuffs that add a stylish twist to a sleeve on a jumper and surprisingly they keep the wrists warm and so the rest of the body. You can make your own fingerless gloves by chopping off a sleeve on a worn out jumper and making a hole for your thumb in the seam.Long Gloves

Fingerless Gloves – Not On The High Street

4) It’s also worth investing in a good quality cashmere or merino wool sweater, dress or cardigan. As long as you wash it carefully (mine copes with a silk wash), you’ll get many years of wear from it. Although these items can be expensive, choose a classic style and colour and it’ll be one of your go-to pieces in your wardrobe that you wear the most. These are also great items to purchase in the sales. Cashmere SweaterCashmere Sweater – Pure Collection


5) A pair of warm winter flat boots that have a good tread so you don’t slip and slide on the ice. If suede, ensure you treat them first with a water-proof protector. I tend to have a practical pair for walking the dog and playing in the snow and a stylish pair similar to these Rocket Dog ones, for when I want to up my style factor! warm comfy boots

Warm Stylish Boots – Rocket Dog

I hope these have given you some great ideas for staying warm and stylish during this cold spell. Don’t forget to shop your wardrobe first it’s my guess you’ll have similar you can use. If not or you fancy an upgrade then either follow these links to shop online or hit the high street sales.

If you’ve found something that you just couldn’t live without when the weather turns cold, then please share it with the rest of us by commenting below.

Until my next blog my stylish friends – Happy Styling!!! – Jo xx








  1. Rebecca Bright

    Thank you Jo,
    After receiving your emails for a while I’ve finally read one and it was fabulous.
    I’ve printed the capsule wardrobe and and essentials for staying warm and put them in my new folder labelled, “Stylish and Confident Rebecca Bright, Jo Smallbones, Thank you xxx”
    I know as a direct result of coming to see you I’m so much happier about my appearance and my confidence has grown. I even buy wedge shoes now and love them.
    Thanks again Jo, you’ve helped change my world for the better and I’m so very grateful for your passion, skill and expertise.

    1. jo - Post Author

      Thank You Rebecca – You’re an inspiration to all women who want to make changes yet fear stepping forward and going for it. Keep on doing your brilliant work – more kindness compassion and empathy is what the world needs and you’re right up there spreading the word. Love & support Joxx

  2. Vidhu Skulpt

    Of Course all wants to look stylish in the winter wear,i thinks these collections would really look good on any one. Especially the coat looks awesome!I would really buy one for me! Thanks for the wonderful share.

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